Our ethos is to create unique clothing & jewellery that benefit both the makers & the wearers of our pieces.



All of our fabrics are handcrafted textiles that otherwise would have gone to waste.

The majority of our fabrics are selected from post-manufacturing waste materials. Most garment manufacturing factories throw away 1000's of metres of fabric monthly: most of which is still in excellent condition. In an effort to clean up this waste, we produce our designs using this fabric. 

Our jersey fabrics are made in Kenya These are dyed in neutral colours so as to reduce our water footprint. 

We use a select amount of original Mud Cloth; a fabric that can only be created in Mali using the indigenous clay that is cast onto the hand-painted loom. This is 100% handcrafted and made by local artists. 

All of our farmers, loomers, weaver & tailors are paid above average for their work.

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All of our artisans are paid above average rates for their work.

We do not use any heavy-duty / heavy-pollutant machinery in the creation of our signature brass beads. These are hand-crafted by artisans in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Ethiopia & Kenya. All our buttons, pendants and beads are created through a process of upcycling metal from old machinery, locks and other high-quality metal waste.

Our semi-precious stones are ethically mined in Kenya. These are done in small blasts in areas where the rocks are left to regenerate. We do not tumble or polish our stones either, making each one unique in its aesthetic and metaphysical properties. You can read more about our crystals here.

All of our jewellery pieces are 100% vegan & 100% handcrafted.